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Power hour – get a different approach to your annual business plan

Does the idea of writing an annual business plan give you a headache? Does the very prospect remind you about all the things you can’t do in your life? How would you like a business plan that helps you rewrite the negative story you tell yourself and that gives you back a day each week?

The Power Hour approach

In my 8-week program, you’ll learn strategies, tips and tricks that will help you create a business plan that reflects your true priorities, works to get you out of the stress cycle and gives you back a day a week to do what you like.

What’s your story?

In this part of the program we’ll identify what your true priorities and we’ll unpack your stories around time, exposing the myths that you tell yourself.

annual business plan - sarah greener

We’ll identify your pain points

These are the things you most commonly tell yourself that you can’t do and are usually a version of: I can’t get to my kids’ sports/cultural/school events, can’t go on holiday, can’t see my friends and so on.

annual business plan - sarah greener

Get clarity around what’s important to you

I’ll help you see what you’re actually doing not what you tell everyone you’re doing. Working together, we’ll reveal how you want your life to look in this chapter of your story. Then we’ll make sure you’re running a new, more resourceful story.

Create a vision based on priorities

From there we chart out this chapter as an annual plan, with weekly targets you can tick off as you achieve them. I’ll take you through a planning process that is closely aligned with your priorities rather than the busy noise that occurs in business.

Ready for an approach to an annual business plan that removes the noise and focuses on action?

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