The Last Thing I Need in my Life is Balance

Everywhere I look I see people calling for balance. It’s a disease taking over the world. In 2019 most people are having all their needs met — they are comfortable being normal.

Where normal = work 8 hours, go home and watch Netflix while mindlessly scrolling through everyone’s ‘perfect lives’ on the gram. On the weekends you hang out with friends, maybe family, wash the car and do the jobs around the house you didn’t have time to do during the week. And people call that balance!

Do a little bit of everything in the hope that it will be enough to work itself out.

What a load of crap!

Creating balance in your life based on someone else’s notion of normal is crazy! Unless you just want to be normal. Have a normal relationship — a better than 50% chance you will end up divorced

Be a normal parent — a better than 40% chance your child will end up living in your basement at 30.

Have a normal business — work all the hours in the week in the hope that sometime in the future I might be the 1 in 100 small business owners that manage to sell my business or the 1% that survives to the ten year mark.

The last thing I want to be is normal and therefore the last thing I need in my life is balance. I am consciously out of balance. From the outside I do nothing but spend time with my husband, my daughter and work. And guess what — that is what I choose to be awesome at. In this life you can’t be great at everything all at once. You have to choose and then take the time, energy and the money to be obsessed with those things you choose to become great.

I choose to work on being exceptional at just those three things and everything else can wait.