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Business Gems from a Community Working Bee.

When chatting with another experience local businessman over some paint & brushes in our local park I was reminded just how important "stickability" was. Call it what you will be it perseverance, determination, or "bloody-mindedness' they all mean that you will keep going when many others would have just given up.
Business is Tough

Let's be real Business is tough - Those pictures of people relacing on the beach with a laptop is just not my experience of business. Not only is it tough but it's personal as well. The key to being great at business is not avoiding these tough moments but embracing them and learning from them to make you better.
Biggest Myth in Business

Talking about the biggest story you hear about business all the time and like all those other stories floating about today it's just not true. What's the biggest myth you hear regularly about business?

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