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Are you ready to get control back in your business?
Are you ready to get control back in your business?

Are you racing around trying to be superman or woman? Feeling like a hamster on a wheel – so much to do, no time to do it and never quite getting where you want to be. If you are like most business owners I know you are trying to be everywhere and do everything. Trying to be all things to everyone, do everything on the list and still be a Mum, Dad, Daughter, Son, Husband, Wife and never mind your health that you are neglecting.

Never have enough time, never get it all done and unsure of what to do next. Feeling the pressure because it’s all on you, your responsibility?

To be successful in business you have to play so many parts, fill so many roles, be there for everyone - it’s not just about being great at what you do. It’s about creating a great product or service, finding new customers, delivering great service and creating a great team culture plus more. And you have to fit that into your already busy week.

Right now it’s trendy, sexy and cool to be your own boss, to be an entrepreneur. Everywhere you look online are beautiful, relaxed people making millions of dollars running their own businesses, generally sitting on a beach with a laptop open on their tanned legs.

But you and I know in reality it’s not all that glamorous, it can be lonely and it takes hard work.
I grew up around businesses and my husband and I purchased our first one over a decade ago. Inside the first year reality set in and the learning curve began. It was steep, almost vertical at times.

Often you started out loving what you did – the thing you sold or the service your provided. 

We did – it was this cool overnight cruise in the Bay of Islands

Everyone was going to love it and spend lots of money with us. 

We didn’t even think about all the other parts of the business we needed just to make it run.
We made so many mistakes, wasted so much time and threw away more dollars than I care to count. I had no certainty, no security and no time. I just ran from one thing to the next, barely surviving with no time for myself, my husband or my family while being stressed and on the fast track to burning out. Eventually we worked out we needed a clear framework and system to run our business to ensure not just our business success but our personal and relationship success too.

Now we operate 2 businesses that collectively create 7 figures in revenue and 6 figure profits. We now have simple systems that provide us with direction, focus and allow me to make great decisions based on what's important.

- We defined what success looked like – in our business and our lives.
- We used that definition to build a decision making process
- Built a customer experience framework that delighted along the way to create raving fans
- Created systems for every action we repeated in our business to save time and money
- Designed Dashboards to demonstrate how we are tracking towards our success.

When you master these processes you create certainty, security and a heap more time. It creates a business that is fun to be a part of and a life you are delighted by. Otherwise why bother?
If you are looking for practical, actionable advice from someone who has been there and done it to achieve your business goals then you are in the right place.

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