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Improve business performance by focussing on your biggest asset

The most effective way to improve business performance is to focus on your staff, but in many cases, when it comes to improving our biggest asset, we simply don’t know where to begin.

Getting to grips with the whole picture

In a series of workshops, I’ll work with you and your whole team to get clarity on these key issues:

  • gain a greater understanding of each person
  • enhance self-awareness and self-mastery
  • look at how you work together
  • Understand the fundamental roles each person plays.
  • uncover the challenges you face as a team.
Improve business performance - sarah greener coaching

Systems and processes

In my experience, having a structure that’s tailored to your business is key to reducing the inefficient duo of noise and activity and increasing productivity. We’ll do this by looking at the following crucial areas:

  • Looking at the whole team and how they’re managing time
  • Removing indirect communication
  • Understanding priorities
  • Targeting any other things that need to improve
Improve business performance - sarah greener coaching

Leadership coaching

I also offer one on one components with team leaders to help implement learnings into the group.
I’ll help you shift the culture of blame and finger pointing by helping you understand ownership – owning up and owning down.

I’ll take you and your team through a series of workshops designed specifically for your business. Working together, I’ll help each team member better understand themselves and their role within the organisation along with systems and processes that enhance contribution and productivity.

I’ll give you the tools to create a culture where finger-pointing and blame are replaced by clear and direct communication.

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