When you feel as though your business is running you and don’t know how to break free, one to one business coaching can help you find your passion again.

This is how it works

one to one business coaching - sarah greener coaching

Getting to know you

I’ve put great systems in place that enable me to get to know your business well. No matter how out of control you might feel right now, no one knows your business better than you.

one to one business coaching - sarah greener coaching

Are you active or productive?

In most cases, I find that my clients are confusing activity with productivity meaning they are doing too much in their business. This can result in the feeling that your business is running you.

I specialise in giving back control. In our one to one sessions, you’ll learn how to streamline your systems and increase turnover with less work.

Helping you find clarity

You’ll hear me use the word clarity a lot. When you’re in the mire of your everyday chaos, clarity is essential, yet it’s one of the hardest things to have.

Too many business owners, including me, focus on the symptom of a problem. They rush around trying to solve symptoms, rather than trying to work out what the real problem is.

I’ll help you unpack your priorities and show you what you need to focus on. By looking at your team, your systems and processes, I’ll help you identify exactly what that problem is.

Taking action

Once we’ve targeted the areas needed attention, I’ll help you put a plan together to address those issues. Together we’ll decide on an action plan that you’re accountable for after every call. You’ll soon see change for the better in your business and everyday life.

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