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SME business coaching - Sarah Greener Coaching - working together

Business – it’s in my blood

Owning and running my own businesses has always been a natural fit for me. Growing up in a family that ran on business and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, gave me a thorough grounding in the fundamentals.
Although I trained as an accountant, I quickly realised that that wasn’t where my future lay, so I put my skills to use running our family meat business.

From there, I went on to own and run multiple businesses, here and overseas. These ranged from retail through to e-commerce businesses, where I ran small to medium teams and dealt with the day to day operation. Each new business threw up different challenges as I thrived on the constant and never-ending improvement of each business.

SME business coaching - Sarah Greener Coaching - working together

Learning from mistakes

Despite my natural business drive and knowledge, I still made plenty of mistakes. In fact, between each of the businesses I ran, I made pretty much every mistake you could make.

But here’s the thing, there’s no learning or growth without mistakes. Looking back, I can see that I was caught up in the same game most business owners get into – where the passion they once felt for their business becomes all emotion and busy noise. I became overwhelmed by the ineffective activity of working in my business rather than on it, and as a result I entered the stress cycle.

In this all too common scenario, the chaos of balancing your work and life makes you feel stuck. You know you need to change the way you do things, but in the current clutter of your everyday life, the changes you need to make can seem overwhelming.

Tried and testing service-based business coaching

The aim of my programs is to help you identify and make those changes. I’ll help you with the “what next?” and together we’ll write a map to success with clear, actionable steps along the way.

With a range of online programs on offer, you’ll get the tools that are right for you and your business.

For information on business coaching that works with your whole team,
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