Take Back Control. 
What Do You Want To Use Your Time For?
Feel like you are running around in your life or business fighting fires, sticking on band-aids or just completing someone else's demands? 
Control your Calendar
Stop letting other people's 'stuff' get in your calendar.
Win Back Hours in Every Day
Learn Skills and Tools that will help you win back hours of time every day
12 Month Plan
Take home a plan for the next twelve months of your life.
Advance Time Tools
Walk away a toolbox of tools to keep control of your time & your life
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This Is Your Chance To Claim Your Time Back And Create Your Best Year Ever With Sarah Greener in Hamilton, New Zealand

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No One Can Control Your Time but You. Get Control Today.
Feel like you are running around in your life or business fighting fires, sticking on band-aids or just completing someone else's demands?
Me too.
Or should I say this was me. With 4 businesses to run, a team of more than 60 individuals, a husband, a daughter, various community projects and you know life, I was barely surviving running from one task to the other, watching my to-do list grow bigger every time I got a job done, working 80 hours a week, and certainly not spending any quality time with my family or friends.
Sound familiar? The more people and in particular business owners I talk with the more I realise this is a common challenge we are all facing. It took a while before I realised it wasn't money that was my most important resource. It was my time. Every week I only got 168 hours and the way in which I used this limited resource decided how my businesses ran, my family enjoyed life and my happiness. What's more, while I could go and get more money no one was ever going to give me any more time.
Join me for a two-day workshop to take back control of your life, your business and your most important resource. Leave with more time, the opportunity to make more profit, feeling more secure and certain about your future and your business's future, with more choices about what to do with your time and a great process for deciding how to use it.
- Learn how to change your relationship with time
- Learn how to strike the word busy from your life
- Learn how to make great decisions for your life
- Get clear on the long-term vision for your business (and the other important parts of your life.)
- Leave with a plan of the next 12 months
- Learn the 60mins of Planning Power that will change your business in the very first week after the workshop
- Get the tools that create your Time Toolbox to ensure you stay in control of your business & life in the coming months and years.
In just 2 days you will change your entire approach to control and manage your time.
The cost is $1500 + GST for one person and an extra $500 +GST for every extra person who joins you from your business. 

Join Sarah Greener for two days, take back control of your most important resource

Hamilton Area
FRIDAY JUNE 21ST 2019, 9:30AM-4:30PM 
FRIDAY JUNE 28TH 2019, 9:30AM-4:30PM 



FRIDAY JUNE 19TH 2019, 9:30AM-4:30PM
FRIDAY JUNE 26TH 2019, 9:30AM-4:30PM

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